Friday, December 16, 2005

Monkey Business

Very lazy to blog, and very busy too. Much assignments stuff to do this days. Freakin lecterures. They maybe good at their respected field, but they sure suck at teaching people. But despite all this crap I still manage to watch King Kong, Premier somemore, haha .....

King Kong trailers and posters say it will be out December 14, But I manage to book tickets for December 13 - 11.45pm. All together 12 of us went. including Me x 2 , Ah wai x2, Calvin x2, Yong Ping x2, tehping, ah zui, Yaw Yee and Ah shyang. Left 8.30pm straight to Mid Valley.

I had lots of assignment submission and work to do but i screw them all for the sake of this movie. Thank god it was good, but not godly.

The whole movie was 3 hours. Not sure why Peter Jakson is so obessed with the number 3. His Lord of the rings was a trilogy with each episode lasting 3 hours also. And King Kong was a remake of the original film which was made in 1933. Everyone must have thought Peter Jackson must have had 3 balls when he ask for sponsorship for LOTR first episode.

Anyways 3 hours, I spent 1 hour waiting for kong to appear, 1 hour stuck in an island and another 1 hour in New York. The first part was rather draggy, and the scene in the trailer, where Jack Black ask the girl to scream and King Kong replied with .... er.... something similiar .... That scene did not appear in the movie, I dunno why, but I kinda liked that scene.

The CG was nice. Not only King Kong, but the other monsters as well. I was amazed at the scene where they fought off a bunch of insects, that scene kick ass!~ The insects was so disgusting I almost vomit (same feeling I get when asked to eat vege). The scene where Kong VS T-Rex x3 was simply awesome

But Peter Jackson said that even making King Kong fight 10 T-rex wasn't a big problem, so he went ahead and challange the limit. He made King Kong sentimental ... Not Gay .... But sentimental. You can feel that King Kong is lonely and in need of love. He likes to watch Sunsets and has an unique interest in blondes (and so do most guys, but anyways) I felt kinda weird at first, but i guess the Director is trying to make us understand that King Kong is not some savage beast and is willing to protect the things he love, unlike the character played by Jack Black, who doesnt give a damm about his crews life but only cares about his movie getting done.

Still the ending was also very draggy. As quoted by a fellow fren "This was the longest time I actually stared at the face of an ape. Even longer than I did in Singapore Zoo when they had their first chimpanzee". There was also abit of a logic problem ... how could 5-6 fighter plane armed with machine gun turret shoot at such a big monster standing still and still miss. In fact the flew round and round the ape and only shot a few times. Arent you guys suppose to save the world from that big monster? Or are they simply facinated by blonde standing nearby?

Anyway the movie was good, but not godly. I would have given it a B+ or A- ... I would love to talk more about it but I am damm sleepy and tired now. Go ahead and watch the movie, its worth it I tell ya.

till then ... bye guys~

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