Saturday, April 22, 2006

UNITE 2006, an infernal affair

14th April 2006, my university's prom night, also known as UNITE 2006. It was held at Putrajaya International Convention Center, must admit the venue was good.


It was suppose to be a very meaningful night for most of us, since we are at our final year and will be graduating soon. Unless I can't finish my FYP, cause I only done 10% T_T

anyway, the night turn out to be a masacre. Everyone was busy taking photos the whole night, my eyes almost got blinded by the flash @_@. Of course I took quite alot of pictures myself too.

Me and my darling
Close up

Tehping is the photographer
Table no.80

VR Gang

The biggest problem of the night is the food. we pay RM89 to eat what? few pieces of vege, half bowl of soup, expired bread and Chicken Rice? I can eat all of those in less RM5 anywhere else.

Lousy chicken rice
The chicken was as cold as ice

The programmes that night was nothing particular, just some band performance and dance ... stuff like that. The only good one was the violin player, which put up an excellent performance.

There was also the lucky draw.


lucky wai
Yup, Lucky Wai really did won the lucky draw, must have been some conspiracy.

So basically the whole night was nothing but cam-whoring

Calvin, Richard, Han
The VR Boys

Meat and Vege
They say opposite attracts

Act Cool

China Team
Joy and Han

Cannot tahan this bunch

Missed the good old days
Alpha Room mate -Robin, Han , Jason

Hot Prospects
(left to right)
Bruce Lee: Chinese Language Society Life time achievement award winner
Eric: Future MCA President
Han: Future Chicken Rice stall owner

And there was also Kelly ....
Fung Yen and Kelly

Kelly and me

The Infernal Affair
Tehping and Okyo

Calvin and ah wai

Ah wai killing Calvin with a rose.

Overall we had some fun, won't have many more chances like this in the future. Let's rock while we are still young.

Group photo

Han and Fung Yen

Good night and good luck.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My first Tagg

I have an exam tomorrow .... The first of April

Damm I wish it was a joke by MMU.

I got bored studying, so I go around surfing the net and reading people's blog when I suddenly visited my sister's blog.

Apprently she had tagged me to answer this silly questions. After you answer you can tag other people you know to answer them also. You don't have to do this questions but i was bored and I don't understanding what I am studying.

(Imagine a graphic design student studying accounts and economics ... it's like going to a malay stall and asking them to cook bak kut teh)

what the heck ... here goes ...

My earliest memory is ...
Me playing with my ultraman toys and thundercat sword ... guess I have a talent for role-playing.

At school I ...
I have the weirdest reputation anyone can get. Different reputation in high school and university.

My first relationship was ...
Silly ... just very silly.

I wish I'd never worn ...
i wish I don't need to wear spectacles ... everyone say I look god-damm handsome with-out it ... hahaha

My father and mother always told me ...
Don't ever safe money on food. Thanks mom and dad ... that was the best lesson I ever learned.

I wish I had ...
Continue learning Wu Shu, I could be the new Jet Li by now ... or another 10 years.

I wish I hadn't ...
Acted like an idiot and make those stupid mistakes ... but I'm young and its a normal thing right?

At home I cook ...
The only thing I ever cook once at home was maggie mee, and I hadn't been to the kitchen since. The cooking area lar I mean.

The book that changed my life was ...
The Bible and Playboy. It showed me how wonderful life can be.

If only I could ...
Turn back time ... there's plenty of things I would wanna change ... or see.

Friend's say I am ...

What I don't find amusing is ...
Staying in a country with different races and cultures and STILL have peace ... yeah right ...

I often wonder ...
How's does it feeling like having a life like those characters you see in the anime. Try watching Bleach, the guys only 15 years old and I bet by episode 10 he would have lost more blood than a woman who lived to 40 years old.

DONE! I am now going to TAG ....

TEHPING, Yaw yee, Ah shyang , Ah wai ... basically everyone I have link to on this blog.

I highly doubt anyone will ever do it. And I still have my exam tomorrow.


You don't blame the grape sour because you can't eat it -- Gay Shyang (above picture credit to him also)