Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In the movies, anything is possible

Christmas just gone and new years around the corner. Means I still got 5 months more to graduation and so is my Final Year Project submission ... life sucks sometimes ...

Anyway was having a talk with an old fren of mine. The only thing we talk about when we are always together is MOVIES (maybe sometimes about something else ... like the opposite sex which are rather good looking than normal) So anyway ... We were talking about our own favourite movie. So I guess here I'll try to do a list of movies I like ... rated A+, A and A-.

A+ movies
-Very nice movie. Good acting by Mel Gibson. Everything in those movie is abosutely fantastic. from storyline to dialogues to costumes. Very touching ecspecially the ending.
Memorable quote: Every man dies, not every man really lives

-Although this movie is 3 hours, I didnt even find 1 second of boringness in it. All the actors did a good job and the soundtrack was nice. Also another very nice ending. And I personally think DEEP IMPACT SUCKS
Memorable quote: Houston, you have a problem

Face of
-Unexpectedly a nice film. This movie is what John woo is all about. Superb gun action and 2 of the best male actors during that time. Nice gun action as well.
Memorable quote: You are right, Sean. I misbehaved. I have to be punished. But remember... Every time when you look in the mirror, you'll see my face

Forest Gump
-Tom Hanks is da man. This movie totally rocks. Very very nicely told and potrayed. All just about a simple life of a not so smart guy. Very touching all the way, from begining to the end.
Memorable quote: Life is like a bunch of chocolates, you'll never know what your gonna get.

A walk to remember
-Surprise ler ... not many people know about this movie. But I never come across one person who has watch this movie and dislikes it. The best love story movie I have ever seen, 10x better than the stupid TITANIC. Best thing I like is that this movie has a bit of christianity values in it and it is not provoking to most people. So most people can watch and understand us Christians more with proper perception.
Memorable quote: Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful.

OK, guess I will just stop for now. Actually got a lot more but i getting sleepy. Tell u guys next time. Bye guys!~

Every man dies, not every man really lives

Monday, December 19, 2005

Maybe Love . What If Love . Perhaps Love

Oh yeah, went to watch Perhaps Love last week. Frens said it was good, so I tot why not give it a shot.

When I went in the cinema, TGV at The Mines, there was completely no one there except me and my friends. I guess its because the shows been up some time and most of the people already watch it. Until the show started there was less than 10 people in the cinema. i thought i could enjoy the show in peace ... but no ....

Behind my row there was this mother and her children. The 2 freakin kids couldn't keep their freakin mouths shut. "Why is he swimmng with his clothes?" , "Look, their kissing!" "(when the guy and girl are making love) Yyyyeeeaaarr .... " "mama why so long wan?"

I wish I could grab them and kick them out the door, or at least slap them straight in the face.

But being the kind guy that I am, I just ignore them and watch the show. Suddenly ... The mothers handphone rang, very loud somemore. She got up, left the cinema to answer the call. Without their mama around the 2 kids started to ran around and make even more noise. I ignore them again until the mama came back and told the kids to sit still. After 5 minutes the phone rang, she went out and the kids start runnning again!!


Can't they see I am trying to be watch a sentimental romantic love story ?? Why the hell are they trying to ruin my mood??

To make things worst, the cinema was facing technical problem. Suddenly the sound went soft, I could barely hearing a thing. I try to keep up by watching the subtitles. Worst still there was this loud noise like a vacuum cleaner coming out of nowwhere. I was so pissed off, No wonder TGV gets lower rating compare to GSC... haih ....

Anyway the show was cool. Definatley worth watching in the cinema. Some of the actors suck at singing, but Jacky Cheung was there to save the day. To me Jacky Cheung is a God in the music industry, hardly anyone can match up with him.

If only my friend YY, can start turning into Jacky Cheung, it will be heaven I tell ya

Bye guy!~

What if love get's a second chance

Friday, December 16, 2005

Monkey Business

Very lazy to blog, and very busy too. Much assignments stuff to do this days. Freakin lecterures. They maybe good at their respected field, but they sure suck at teaching people. But despite all this crap I still manage to watch King Kong, Premier somemore, haha .....

King Kong trailers and posters say it will be out December 14, But I manage to book tickets for December 13 - 11.45pm. All together 12 of us went. including Me x 2 , Ah wai x2, Calvin x2, Yong Ping x2, tehping, ah zui, Yaw Yee and Ah shyang. Left 8.30pm straight to Mid Valley.

I had lots of assignment submission and work to do but i screw them all for the sake of this movie. Thank god it was good, but not godly.

The whole movie was 3 hours. Not sure why Peter Jakson is so obessed with the number 3. His Lord of the rings was a trilogy with each episode lasting 3 hours also. And King Kong was a remake of the original film which was made in 1933. Everyone must have thought Peter Jackson must have had 3 balls when he ask for sponsorship for LOTR first episode.

Anyways 3 hours, I spent 1 hour waiting for kong to appear, 1 hour stuck in an island and another 1 hour in New York. The first part was rather draggy, and the scene in the trailer, where Jack Black ask the girl to scream and King Kong replied with .... er.... something similiar .... That scene did not appear in the movie, I dunno why, but I kinda liked that scene.

The CG was nice. Not only King Kong, but the other monsters as well. I was amazed at the scene where they fought off a bunch of insects, that scene kick ass!~ The insects was so disgusting I almost vomit (same feeling I get when asked to eat vege). The scene where Kong VS T-Rex x3 was simply awesome

But Peter Jackson said that even making King Kong fight 10 T-rex wasn't a big problem, so he went ahead and challange the limit. He made King Kong sentimental ... Not Gay .... But sentimental. You can feel that King Kong is lonely and in need of love. He likes to watch Sunsets and has an unique interest in blondes (and so do most guys, but anyways) I felt kinda weird at first, but i guess the Director is trying to make us understand that King Kong is not some savage beast and is willing to protect the things he love, unlike the character played by Jack Black, who doesnt give a damm about his crews life but only cares about his movie getting done.

Still the ending was also very draggy. As quoted by a fellow fren "This was the longest time I actually stared at the face of an ape. Even longer than I did in Singapore Zoo when they had their first chimpanzee". There was also abit of a logic problem ... how could 5-6 fighter plane armed with machine gun turret shoot at such a big monster standing still and still miss. In fact the flew round and round the ape and only shot a few times. Arent you guys suppose to save the world from that big monster? Or are they simply facinated by blonde standing nearby?

Anyway the movie was good, but not godly. I would have given it a B+ or A- ... I would love to talk more about it but I am damm sleepy and tired now. Go ahead and watch the movie, its worth it I tell ya.

till then ... bye guys~

I'm not Gay ... Just Sentimental Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Me, myself and palia

Not so sure if I should actually blog about this, but I guess i should. My girlfren keep complaining I am damm fake, and not expressive. I just see myself as a good actor, haha .... But I guess its true to what she says, you can ask 5 people about me and almost 5 can give u different desciptions. So here i guess I try to reveal some secrets of mine .... haha.....

First thing .... I AM NOT GAY. I have a lovely girlfren and I love her alot. Since high school alot of idiots mistaken me as Gay and go around spreading. No wonder i got no GF in high school. Grr...... Must be my close friends who are quite gayish also lar, stick so close to me people think I am gay also....

I am afraid of insects. Some people dunno this, but yes i am afraid of those freaking creepy crawlies, ecspecially butterflies and cockraches. But I am not afraid of animals, even snakes and lions. Btw, I am also afraid of cold, like those water in the swimming pool, makes me shiver...brrr....

I speak 3 different languages at home with my family. Chinese with dad, English with mom and cantonese with Grandma. Too bad no one teach me hokkien, if not i can be pro communicator, haha...

In high school people use to call me the ham dai king, haha ... because as a prefect (pengawas) I rampas alot of porn VCD from students and watch them or distribute them to my friends :P

In University people call me the Palia King, cause I abbuse the Palia word alot. its a interesting word, really ... can describe alot of situations or things in just one word ... Palia!~

I come from a family of mahjong players, my grandma has been playing since she was 15-20. I watched my mother play since i was born. my younger brother learned the art while he was only 10 years old ....

By the way, when I talk about my brother, its not really my blood brother, I only have one real sister. My brother is actually my mother's god son (anak angkat), he is actually my mom's best friend's son and since they were so close, My mom just took him in as god son.

I like Love Songs more than rock and roll. Believe it or not yes it is true. My housemates mostly hear me play lame or funny songs just because I like to entertaine them and see them laugh till stomach ache, haha......

I dont like talking to my parents alot. I guess its because we just don't click, or maybe its some generation gap ... dunno lar.... But i still love them

My IQ test says my IQ is below average .....

I never wanted to come to MMU or study Design. it all started whem my mom visited MMU on her company trip and they some how convice her that MMU is a GODLY Place ... and she came home and started convincing me tat it IS a godly place ... so here I am. I got 5 A for SPM, including maths and economics and Accounts. But i got a D for ART. So here I am doing Design, with such a bright future. Thanks mom ....

Godly Place in the whole world .... my ass

I cannot take alchohol, even lesser amount than my girlfren. Its embarssing yes but its damm true. Most of the time I just pretend or give excuse like I am driving, haha ....

Here's to alcohol ... The cause of ... and solution ... to all life's problem.

Suddenly write so much I also didnt realize, haha .... I guess I will just continue next time .... feel like going to yum cha now with friends. Bye guys ....

Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you, not any more...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Coming Soon

Well, actually not in a mood for blogging, but if i don't blog now I might not have a chance cause assignment and stuffs are occupying my time.

Guess I'll just try and make this a short one.

Blogging to me is like a place for me to post my thoughts and comments on certain issues and show them online to everyone. Not exactly my type of groove, but I guess I'll just have to learn to express myself.

What to expect in my blog:

1. Will do a review of MY lamest friends. (I am sure this is going to be fun)

2. My comments on certain nice places and food to eat.

3. Some movie reviews.

4. Anything special that happen during the day that i think is worth sharing.

5. Maybe some game reviews also, hehe...

I also clearly state that what ever comments or reviews I did on certain issues are purely What I think of it, what YOU think is a completely different thing, though it might be the same sometimes.

Anyway its 3am now and I am kinda sleepy. Actually got lots of work to do but I'm just to lazy to bother about it. So I guess I'll just go to sleep. Nitez ...

and below here is something I wanted to say to a special professional wrestler that just passed away recently:

Goodbye Eddie, and thanks for everything.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Palia Guy

Errr... the name's Han. A new guy in the blog community.
Used to start blogging in
multiply, didnt have the time and energy to continue it.
But since everyone now adays are so in to blogging, i guess I'll just give it a try again.
So just wait up as I'll try publish more posts as soon as possbile.

Only an undying love can become a legend