Monday, December 19, 2005

Maybe Love . What If Love . Perhaps Love

Oh yeah, went to watch Perhaps Love last week. Frens said it was good, so I tot why not give it a shot.

When I went in the cinema, TGV at The Mines, there was completely no one there except me and my friends. I guess its because the shows been up some time and most of the people already watch it. Until the show started there was less than 10 people in the cinema. i thought i could enjoy the show in peace ... but no ....

Behind my row there was this mother and her children. The 2 freakin kids couldn't keep their freakin mouths shut. "Why is he swimmng with his clothes?" , "Look, their kissing!" "(when the guy and girl are making love) Yyyyeeeaaarr .... " "mama why so long wan?"

I wish I could grab them and kick them out the door, or at least slap them straight in the face.

But being the kind guy that I am, I just ignore them and watch the show. Suddenly ... The mothers handphone rang, very loud somemore. She got up, left the cinema to answer the call. Without their mama around the 2 kids started to ran around and make even more noise. I ignore them again until the mama came back and told the kids to sit still. After 5 minutes the phone rang, she went out and the kids start runnning again!!


Can't they see I am trying to be watch a sentimental romantic love story ?? Why the hell are they trying to ruin my mood??

To make things worst, the cinema was facing technical problem. Suddenly the sound went soft, I could barely hearing a thing. I try to keep up by watching the subtitles. Worst still there was this loud noise like a vacuum cleaner coming out of nowwhere. I was so pissed off, No wonder TGV gets lower rating compare to GSC... haih ....

Anyway the show was cool. Definatley worth watching in the cinema. Some of the actors suck at singing, but Jacky Cheung was there to save the day. To me Jacky Cheung is a God in the music industry, hardly anyone can match up with him.

If only my friend YY, can start turning into Jacky Cheung, it will be heaven I tell ya

Bye guy!~

What if love get's a second chance