Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This post is nothing about sex or ... sex (It's the only thing everyone thinks of first when they saw the title ... I GUARANTEE it). But its all about something else.

18? is the title of a documentary by Danny Lim. you can download and view it here. Its about some graffiti that is appearing in KL area and the documentary is all about uncovering some mystery behind it.

and quoted from Swifty:

"The film had won the Gold Prize in the Short Film: Documentary category of the 2005 Malaysian Video Awards, and was also the runner-up in the amateur category at the 2005 Freedom Film Festival. It was screened at the Singapore International Film Festival last year, and at the Jakarta Film Festival in 2004."

Here's the catch: It was suppose to be participating at the Seol Film Festival but our Embassy there rejected it because it featured "Anti Goverment Political Activist".

i was like ... WTF!

It can win awards in our country, but it cannot be shown in other country? What kind of logic is this. I have watched the documentary... All I see is just people talking their opinions and a few pictures of graffitis in KL area. What the hell is wrong with that? Well pesonally I think the documentary is abit dull, got more room for improvement, but anyway that is not the point.

All the graffiti has message in them, some think the National Service idea is stupid, some talks about badawi or even Dr. M. But what is wrong with that? I have no idea what those pig embassadors over there in Korea are thinking. If it can win awards at local film festivals, why can't it be shown at other country? You scare your country is too full of shit no one dare to come anymore ah? This country is already full of shit anyway.

Its because of shit like this our local film industry can't flourish. Everytime I see local authoroties trying to force local film makers to include "Local Culture" in their films so they can promote Malaysia if it gets shown overseas.

Don't you idiot know our local culture is DAMM SIEN (for non chinese, it means damm boring) How many people outside there is actually gonna look at our cultural dance or music or whatever and say "WOW! THIS ROCKS! I wanna GO MALAYSIA!" Its actually ok if we are showing LOCAL SCENARY, but our LOCAL CULTURE is just lame.

One thing good about 18? is that it is not really showing local culture, but more like what local people think, and Graffiti exist in many country as well, so its more like showing a Public Culture, but what our local people think, or how we define it.

Oh, I forgot to mention I was doing this because I was tagged by Swifty. And I also tag everyone who is reading this and also have a blog. Go here and read his entry and follow his instruction on how to start the meme.

Youtube version of the video here...

I once thought of being a movie director... But seeing how our country is doing... I might earn more money doing Porn Movies.