Sunday, May 14, 2006

Harry Potter threatens National Security

Was doing some usual surfing around when I found this piece of good shit.

Linguists seeks harry potter ban (scroll down till you see the title)

I was reading the article and I was like ... WTF!!!! How stupid can this people be? The fella (Ambi Mohan) is accusing harry potter of being a drug addict and is not suitable to be published and available in Malaysia. I may not be a Harry Potter fan, but this is way too much.

FRESH from its controversial call to ban The Da Vinci Code (NST, May 4), the Malaysian Linguistic Association (Malas) is once more taking aim at a pop-cultural institution be- loved of bourgeois readers.

Mona Lisa smokes

They even tried to ban DA VINCI CODE? hahahahahahaha .... screw you!

"This read-before-you-judge concept is very Eurocentric and not suited to our tropical climate."

What the hell does it have to do with our freaking weather? I never read the AL-Quran all my life and can I say its BAD? Of course NOT right? But in his case I guess I can call him an ugly piece of shit before I even met him

Therefore I suspect that Harry’s surname of Potter indicates that he is a drug addict. Potter means he specialises in pot, just as a ‘fighter’ is someone who fights and ‘forester’ someone who deals with forests.

Does MALAS also means that you guys are a bunch of lazy ass?

Only a drug addict would imagine he is a wizard who can fly and disappear and perform magical tricks.These things cannot happen in reality as they defy the laws of Physics

Only a poor bastard like you who has no imagination at all should just rot and burn in hell.

I think the final book will reveal that Harry gets his amazing powers by smoking ganja, tooting on joints and firing up doobies!"

OMG you are so right, I happen to have a preview of the new book!

the 7th Harry Potter book

Dark and difficult times lie ahead, Harry Potter