Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Law & Order

Yeah, I'm only 21 and I'm already getting my first lawyer letter

Yup, I am being sued. Its a remake of Kucharam Singh VS Goverment Malaysia (its just an example I study during media law class.) Kucharam burrow loan from goverment and he didn't want to pay it back, resulting in the him being sued.

Here is Palia Han VS BUKI telekom.

2 years ago I was staying in the apertment with frens, and we registered the telephone line under my name. A year later we move out and canceled the line. Another year later this idiot called me say I owe telekom a certain amount. I was quite broke back then and just brush him of saying I will pay next week, he called again and I say I will pay end of month, he called again and I say I pay 2 months later. The next time he call, i just scratch my balls and reject the call.

That pissed him of i guess ...

Few months later, I finally got this letter. I guess I better not piss them of too much so I decided to pay it.

And to claim it from my housemates ... so if you are reading this

Ah wai and Robin faster pay me RM70 ... Kien Ming and Ah Zui already pay liao. Pay me quick or I'm gonna Gay Bash you guys like brokeback mountain.

I used to dream of being a superhero ... but I seem to be breaking more laws than any average bandits ...

Bye guys, See ya!~

you can get more of what you want with a gun and a kind word, than just a kind word -- Al Capone