Monday, January 30, 2006

Jet Li is back (WTF took him so long)

Finally ... Jet Li has come back ... to the PEOPLE!

and yeah, he took a freakin long time.
But I'm glad his back.

First of all, GONG XI FA CAI to everyone. Happy Chinese New Year (Not so happy for me, my own MOM just con me RM3 from playing black jack with her.)

Anyways I watched FEARLESS with my family in Ipoh Jusco (also known as KINTA CITY)

My rating ... A- or B+ .... Still not so sure.

The actions are good, very good. Nice cheorography by Yuan Wu Ping. His other works include Wong Fei Hong series and Fong Sai Yuk ... just to name a few. You see, me and a friend of mine have been discussing (or researching) on how to shoot a good action movie, he has his idea, I have mine. To me, more character action, less camera movement. Because I think, if the fella keeps moving around, and so does the camera ... What the heck are the audience going to see @_@ Of course most people do that trick to hide the fact that the actor CAN'T really fight and is faking it.

if you aren't an atheletic type actor, go do something else. If u insist on doing action genre ... go train another few months before you start shooting. And make sure you TRAIN seriously. Don't follow examples like this movie where the hero (an american) MASTERS kung fu in less than 5 seconds and fights of a bunch of bad guy in a virtual world wearing sun glasses and a nice black coat. The movie didnt suck (not the first episode of the trilogy that is), but the actions just get lamer each episode. I rather watch power rangers.

Fearless did a nice job when it comes to action. Not perfect, not super good, but good enough for me. Finally get to see Jet Li's beautiful kung fu moves ... the punches, the kicks, the stop point ... all nicely done. ^_^

Story wise is ok lar ... since it's supposingly base on a real character ... Fok Yuan Jia. He was the founder on Chin Woo association. I remember back in Chin Woo mountain in KL, before every performance we have to pay our respect to him first before we leave, pray that he watch over us and guide us. Being a Christian I don't think he's gonna really gonna come down and bless the performers with super human powers but still the idea of respecting and honoring him is a good chinese tradition that should be passed on.

I honestly think the story telling or the presentation of what the this movie is about isn't that strong. The movie has been cut down to about 1 1/2 hour. I heard from the newspaper that 40 minutes of the original has been cut of, including Michelle Yeoh's appearance totally erased. I personally think that if they didn't cut it, it just might have been MUCH MUCH better.

But anyways good job, it was very meaningful. Young people should really watch it, since it was Jet Li's intention in the first place to target teenagers with this movie. After watching movie, I think I should reconsider about taking back my Kung Fu lessons ...

Screw it, let's play dota. Bye Guys!~

Chinese have an old saying ... Use Kung Fu to meet new Friends (sorry, very lame direct translation...)