Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sing for Me!

This is another Dota hero parody dedicated to my friend Loo Yaw Yee. Drop some comments and tell me what you think.

YY The Singer

YY love's music, since young he has always dream of being a star. One day his dream came true, he opened the biggest concert in town, and it was pack full with his fans. But the scourge came and destroy everything before YY even open his mouth. YY has now join the sentinel to take revenge on the scourge.

Sound Of Music

YY takes out his musical instrument and plays it, sending a powerful sonic wave to destroy his enemy.

lvl 1: 100 damage

lvl 2: 200 damage

lvl 3: 300 damage

lvl 4: 380 damage

(YY's nuking skill, very pain...)


YY forces the target to sing with him. The target cannot move and takes damage

lvl 1: 1 sec. damage 15% of target current hp

lvl 2: 2 sec. damage 25% of target current hp

lvl 3: 3 sec. damage 35% of target current hp

lvl 4: 4 sec. damage 50% of target current hp

(Force ppl to sing with him ... wtf ....)


YY summons his favourite music idol to fight along with him. Last 120 seconds

lvl 1: summon Jacky Cheung. Low damage, range attack

lvl 2: summon Jacky Chan. Medium damage, melee. Has Bash

lvl 3: summon Leo Ku. High damage, range attack. has critical and bash

lvl 4: summon YUNA. Insane damage, range attack, has critical, bash and heal.

(YY's summoning skill. haha........)

Konserto Terakhir (The Final Concert)

YY's final show down. He uses all his energy to give one godly performance. Damages every enemy on the map. He dies in the process.

lvl 1: Damage equals to Max HP + Max mana

lvl 2: Damage equals to Max HP + Max mana x 1.5

lvl 3: Damage equals to Max HP + Max mana x 2.0


ok, thats all ... anything comments just let me know ... hehe .... Sorry ah YY, hahaha..... Bye guys!~