Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love on air

Influnced by Edmund. I decided to also come out with a list my personal highly recommended list of movies to watch for Valentine. And behold what I shall presend to u.

The unexpectedly good teenage love story
A walk to remember

Guy is high school famous bad boy, girl is high school geek. Guy did bad things, force to join the theatre club which the girl is in. During show time guy really falls for the girl, guy becomes good, but learns that girl got cancer. Guy did many thing to make girl happy, in the end girl died ... happily.

Simple rite?

What makes it good is that the way it is persented. The dialogues are meaningful and not just loads of Bullshit. I do admit the begining of the movie was rather boring, but as the story goes things get more interesting. Music is nice too, blends with most of the scene perfectly. And somehow the acting wasn't bad at all. One part you guys should pay attention is when the guy drives miles to his dad's home (divorced with guys mother) and say sorry, that part was damm touching. Surprise how they include a simple father son relationship in the story and did it so well.

Simple story, nicely done.

Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful.

Love beyond the grave
Corpse Bride

Tim Burton, genius or madman? I have no idea, but Corpse Bride is insanely good. OK....maybe i exagerated abit, the music wasn't as good as I expected but everything else was good. For those looking for abit of humour and romance ... this is the one. Funny jokes lights up the movie's scary atmosphere, its not that bad being dead after all.

Romance plot is quite meaningful. Sacrificing oneself for another one as shown by both the guy and the corpse bride. Sacrifing has always been known as a great way to express love ... Jesus on the cross, Jack for Rose in Titanic (I didnt like the whole movie in particular), Darth Vader for Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi .... etc etc...

The movie doesn't really make a person burst in tears or completely melt your heart ... but hey love isn't always about crying, its about smiling too.

With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never be empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way into darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine.

The Regular Love story for the Unregular couple
Brokeback Mountain

I forgot the number awards it has won, but its sweeping them like hotcakes. Unexpectedly directed by Ang Lee (who also did crouching tiger hidden dragon), also unexpectedly banned in China, but as expected ... damm freaking gay. No offence but it ain't my type of soup. But still it has its reason for sweeping the hotcakes.

Nice scenery of the mountain, makes you wanna go there and spend the summers. The greenery, the blue river, the bunch of delicious looking sheeps ... put 2 guys up there and you'll get a fantastic love story. Ok ... honestly some parts bored me but its only some parts, most of it was ok. Basically to me this story is basically trying to talk about forbidden love, which is not accepted by society back then. Guys found with special interest will most likely get his "brother" stomped on and face slashes with crow bars. The movie shows how the 2 couple try to cope with society and try to get together once in a while for almost 20 years. I will just basically say is nice scenery, nice acting, interesting story ... worth watching ... warning! the contents could be unfit for some.

Overall the movie is nice especially for certain individuals with special interest.

Tell you what. The truth is...sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.

Happy Valentines ... Bye guys!~