Thursday, January 19, 2006

Good local movie cannot go pass 3 years

There is an old saying, "Wealth cannot pass 3 generation", that is what the movie "The 3rd Generation" is about ... or so I thought.

Today me and my friends, Edmund and Cheng en, went to catch a movie in GSC, One Utama.

No we did not watch Geisha (or GAYsha if u prefer), we also did not have special privallage to watch FEARLESS.

Instead we went to watch a chinese local film, The 3rd Generation. Starring Nicholas Teo, Amber Chia, Carmen Soo and some other local artist (forgot their name). Directed by CL Hor

My personal review about it? You just need to know 2 facts: People already started to leave the cinema in less than 30 minutes, and the only word that came out of my mouth was "WTF!!!!"

Perhaps I shall try my best to list down the good things in the movie, since I am such a nice guy.

1. It has good motion graphic. Forgot which production studio did it, something like kilopo or kiloko or keropi ... whatever.

2. The Art Director did a good job. Props and settings are very nice. Makes me really feel like the good old days. (By the way the story was said to set in the 1970's Penang)

3. Director of photography also did a good job. some camera angles and scenes were taken nicely.

4. Music is also not bad.

5. I like the fella that played the role of the father. A veteran actor, forgot his name.

If u are now thinking "hey, sounds not bad" THINK again, and AGAIN.

I have to use super human psychic power to actually TRY and understand what the story is about, or at least WHAT is happening at the moment.

Most beh tahan part: All of a sudden "3 months later" text appear (WTF happen 3 months before??) and in around 10 minutes "3 weeks later" text appear (I still have no idea what happened) and suddenly "1 DAY before" text apears (I was already OVER the limit but still hanging on) AND finally "1 DAY after" text appears (WTF!!)

If u are clueless to what I am saying ... SO AM I. I have completely no idea what was going in back there. Perhaps I can explain to you if u ask me personally but it will drain my brain of all its resources.

Another thing, in the movie Charlie (Nicholas Teo) is a graduate from an UK university while LINDA (Carmen Soo) started out as a bar lady but with hard work and dedication she became a good secretary for Charlie. My point is both character are suppose to be consider SMART people, or at least NORMAL people. But do you know how they talk when speaking to each other??

Charlie: You .....
Linda: Me ......
Charlie: Why don't we .......
Linda: As you like .....

They ended up eating Chow Koay Teow (I think so) in a stall by the road side.

WTF!!! By the tone of their voice they sound like RETARDS. Although Charlie and Linda are suppose to have an affair, I never seen them hold hands or even slightly touch each other except when dancing (one dance is actually Linda's dream, and another dance is a formal dinner dance where alot of people including Charlie's wife and father are present.)

CARMEN SOO IS HOT, at least DO something MORE with her lar! Maybe Linda and Charlie and at least hug each other or AT least try some MINOR kissing (I'm not asking for some tongue action, but at least SOMETHING). With such a good ASSET in your production, make full use of her lar! Even do something more with Amber Chia lar for god sake. Dun waste earth's resources.

Haih ... I also sien diao, nothing to say. I was OK with Puteri Gunung Ledang (2004), I very love SEPET (2005), But when it comes to The 3rd Generation (2006) ... I rather watch TWINS EFFECT, at least the 2 idiots are abit more entertaining.

Going to sleep, Bye guys!~

PS: If u manage to watch the movie or are planning to go ... try counting how many times the word 3 was mentioned in the movie.

Behind every succesful man is a woman ... actually I think need 2.