Monday, January 23, 2006

I need a hero (Calvin the steady)

I was very inspired by ahkill. So I decided to dedicate a dota hero to a good friend of mine -- CALVIN GOH CHING KHAI. Here it is ....

Calvin the Steady

Penang -- an island off the shore of Kalimdor. There lived a family known as the Steady Gohs. They are powerful and strong, and Calvin was the best of them all. One day the lich king came to the island and took over everything. The Steady Gohs were recruited by the scourge and Calvin made his way to the top ranks. Calvin hopes to carry on the Goh legacy and create a legand for himself. Armed with powerful skills never before seen by anyone, he will prove that he is the steadiest among the steadys.



Traditional home made penang laksa. Instantly restores life

LV1: Small bowl, heals 100 life

LV2: Medium bowl, heals 150 life

LV3: Large bowl, heals 250 life

LV4: Very large bowl, heals 320 life

(A very good skill to replenlish lost life instantly, and it taste good too.)


Calvin tell's the target an unbelieveable teory, stunning the target and deals damage over time.

LV1: An unbelieveable teory. Stun for 1 seconds, 10 damage for 10 seconds

LV2: Very Unbelieveable teory. Stun for 2 seconds, 20 damage for 10 seconds

LV3: Very very unbelieveable teory. Stun for 3 seconds, 30 damage for 10 seconds

LV4: Totally unbelieveable teory. Stun for 4 seconds, 40 damage for 10 seconds

(a very very powerful skill. Please watch out.)


Calvin's very own toy. He will ride in it and charge at the target at top speed. Dealing massive damage but killing himself at the same time.

LV1: 140 km/h (Fast). 400 damage

LV2: 180 km/h (Very fast). 800 damage

LV3: 210 km/h (Super fast). 1200 damage

LV4: 300 km/h (WTF!). 1600 damage

(A mix between spirit breaker's Charge of darkness and goblin techies's suicide.)


Calvin the steady's super ultimate -- a very powerful aura. Allies within the aura range will recieve bonus health recovery, extra armour and a chance to maim enemy. (passive)

LV1: 100 AOE. little health recovery, extra 5 armour and 10% chance maim

LV2: 300 AOE. Medium health recovery, extra 10 armour and 20% chance maim

LV3: 600 AOE. Super health recovery, extra 15 armour and 30% chance maim

(this skill is a bit palia, hahahahahahaha .......)

Thats all folks, hope u enjoy. Drop some comments if u like ^^

Bye guys!~